Our Staff


Teachers: Mrs Ofe and Mrs Jessie

We are delighted to have Mrs Ofe (Ofelia) and Mrs Jessie as our teachers. Both have a sincere love of children and hold current Provincial certification in “Early Childhood Education”.

They have developed a program that provides Happy Day"s children with a variety of age appropriate themes and learning experiences.  Their teaching methods demonstrate their firm belief that children learn best while happily absorbed in play in a comfortable environment busy with creative play, arts and crafts, library, circle time and games.

Happy Days has a welcoming atmosphere for students and parents alike.  If a child does or says something memorable an effort is always made to pass it on to the parent.

‘At Happy Days Playschool, every day is a happy day’



Our teachers form a co-operative, friendly and effective teaching team at Happy Days. We are very fortunate to have them.