About Us


A little history…

Happy Days Playschool began operation in 1975.  After moving several times, the school finally settled in 1989 at its current location on the grounds of Mundy Road Elementary School.  Considerable time, energy, and funds have been spent over the years on such projects as the outside play structure, storage shed, landscaping and parking lot construction.  These projects have improved our school’s looks and function.  A recent Government Grant has enabled us to renovate and improve the classroom interior.  It is a bright, modern, welcoming classroom for the children.

Happy Days is no longer a Parent Participation Preschool

In early 2006, it became evident that many parents are not able invest as much time with their children in preschool as in previous years.  Therefore, after much careful thought and deliberation, Happy Days Playschool changed to a non-parent-participation preschool.  This change became effective at the beginning of the 2006/2007 school year and has been very well received.

How has this change impacted the school?

Rather than just employ one teacher, the position of Teacher’s Assistant was created.  Both the teacher and her assistant bring much experience with them to the benefit of their young students and consistency has been brought into the classroom.  Our Mission has not changed.

What role is there for parents who wish to be involved?

The school is still run by parents but they are not required to schedule time for classroom duties.  An elected executive of five parents fill the roles of; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Enrollment Coordinator.  They meet regularly to make decisions affecting the running of the school.

Involvement by other parents is essential and welcomed.  Assistance from every parent contributes to the smooth running of the school to the ultimate benefit of our children.